The Tragic Optimist

Not a technique found in parenting books

Zoe’s been sick with a cold and then a stomach virus, so we haven’t had much time to practice walking with her, since she’s been heading to bed so early the past few nights. But yesterday evening all three of us had a bit of time to play together in the living room, and Zoe was busy practicing both putting things in a bucket, and standing up and taking a few steps. Chris had a beer with him, and when Zoe noticed it, she started trying to get to it. It was then that we hit on the best motivation to get her to walk. That’s right, we got her to *run* for about 13 steps by keeping a beer bottle in front of her, just out of reach. This makes Anya’s previous comment quite prescient.

(to any nice child protective services people: we’ve never given Zoe beer, she just really likes teething on the bottles).


  1. Anya

    EXCELLENT! Smart little girl you’ve got there…

  2. It was a Paulener Octoberfest, by the way.

  3. Angela Heffernan

    I’m going to remember this one!

  4. I see the kid takes after her old man…

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