The Tragic Optimist


Zoe’s has spent the past couple of days pulling up on everything and then letting go and walking a few steps on her own before sitting down.  She’s done as many as 6-7 in a row, and has even stopped and changed direction a few times.   Crawling is still way faster for her, but I think she’s figured out why walking would be a good skill to have.  It’s been awesome to watch her practice and figure it out.  We’ll try to get some video posted.



  1. Uh oh….better get that beer off the table, cause we know how Zoe loves beer! 😉

  2. Danger! Danger! ;^)

    I have a couple of boxes to send you guys… the other day we tried on a pair of S’s slippers and they were too small and she said, “We send them to Baby Zoe!”

  3. Ann

    Awww, that’s so sweet of S!


  1. Not a technique found in parenting books « The Tragic Optimist

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