The Tragic Optimist

Circle of Life on my front lawn

Our front yard has been quite the stage for viewing nature’s cycles this summer, what with the bunny birthing and raising that was going on.  Sadly, yesterday morning we witnessed the other end of the cycle when Zoe and I came across a large, unmoving pile of ginger fur in our flower garden.  It was pretty clear that the cat was already dead, our cats weren’t paying any attention to it, and it was just so still.  But just in case, I took Zoe inside and had Chris go take a look.  He verified that it was a large, long-haired ginger cat, that appears to have lost a fight with another animal.
Animal control wasn’t working this week (staff training), so we took it to the humane society to have them scan for a microchip (there wasn’t one) and dispose of the body (after holding on to it for a few days in case someone is looking for it).  We’d been to that shelter on two other occasions – to adopt Doza, and then again to adopt Tycho.  But this time we went to the intake area where people were surrendering animals.  Such a sad room.  One woman was bringing her elderly dog to be put to sleep, another man was bringing a dog he’d found as a stray that he’d hoped to be able to keep, but found that he couldn’t deal with her behavioral issues.  Both left in tears.  Compared to that, bringing the body of a cat that I’d never known was simple.  Still, our cats got extra hugs yesterday and today.

To bring it back full circle, I’ve seen the mama and one of the baby bunnies quite a few times recently.  Last night, the baby hung out in our back yard for a long time and even let Zoe get a good look (from a safe distance).


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