The Tragic Optimist

10 Months!

pictures added:

So Zoe’s 10 months, why that’s 5/6th of a year! How crazy is that?

We were at a party last night where there was another little 10 month old girl. It was fun to watch Zoe and the other girl interact, and to see the differences between them. The other girl was very, very tall, and a quick crawler. She’d dash off through the house, especially in pursuit of the cat. And when we had toys out, she grabbed one of Zoe’s toys immediately. Zoe watched, but was more interested in munching on her cheerios than she was in defending her possessions. Which is fine by me. Zoe’s a mellow little girl. She spent much of the evening watching people and the cat. She crawled around a bit on her own, but her favorite thing to do was to walk around with us holding her hands. She’s gotten really good at this and gets a huge, gorgeous open mouthed grin on her face when she walks around – especially if there’s a lot of space for her to move. It’s really cool that she can now decide where she wants to go (often towards a cat or a person) and then successfully go there, even if she does need a little help. She and the other little girl did spend a good part of the evening standing up at the cat scratching post with the cat perched on top, watching them. Actually, the cat was kind of teasing them, with it’s paw dangling off the post just above where they could reach. It was pretty funny to see the two of them standing around the scratching post, looking intensely at the cat. Apparently, babies hunt cats in packs.



  1. Oh, how adorable! I love how Zoe interacts with the rock hammer now and won’t, evidently, lie still to allow a photo to be snapped.

  2. Ann

    Yeah, she also tries to eat the piece of paper with the date on it. Hiding the evidence, I guess.

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