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More on the bunnies

Last night I sat on the porch waiting to see if the mama rabbit would come back. Right around 8:30, I saw her hop into the front yard and towards the burrow. All of a sudden, three of the babies just appeared from around the yard, I guess they’d been in the yard the whole time, but they’re really well camouflaged. Then the fourth bunny hopped out of the burrow. They all hopped about the yard for a while, and I went out onto our front step to try to get better pictures. The babies didn’t seem afraid of me at all, but mama was keeping a very close eye on me. Then she did or said something, because all of a sudden, all four bounded over to her, and she stood over them really protectively, glaring at me the whole time. So I went inside, and then watched from the porch while they all nursed – little bunny legs and tails and stomachs sticking out every where. I wish I could have gotten a picture, but I didn’t want to disturb her and my camera wasn’t taking good pictures through the windows. Afterwards, they all hopped around the lawn a bit. The cats were pretty excited by the whole thing.

This morning I checked the burrow and it looks to be empty, so I think they may have moved out. I’ll probably hang out and watch again this evening to see if they show up.

Anyway, here are a couple from last night (click them to see a bigger version) – or you can see the whole baby bunny album here. I really wish I were able to get better pictures, but the light is tough at 8:30 pm. It’s not dark at all, but my camera still wants to use the flash, so you get reflections from their eyes. And when I try taking the picture without the flash, it ends up very blurry.

Mama with one of her babies

Mom eying me suspiciously(she’s behind the plant) while I take a picture of a baby

gathering up the babies

standing protectively over the babies just before they started nursing.

Oh, and yesterday afternoon, I did another burrow picture, this time it looked like there was only one baby. The picture turned out much better than my previous attempts and getting a picture of the inside of the burrow.




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