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Oh baby, baby, baby, baby

A week and a half ago, we came home from a walk and I saw a rabbit in our front yard. I tried to point it out to Zoe, but between the rabbit holding perfectly still, and our lawn being the same color as the rabbit (it’s been dry here), Zoe didn’t really notice. So I brought her into the front yard to see if the rabbit would run away, since Zoe seems to like watching the rabbits run. I kept thinking that the rabbit was staying really still, even as we were getting really close. When the rabbit finally ran off, I saw why. She had been sitting on a pile of furry, wriggly, tiny babies.

Normally, I hate the rabbits in our yard. They eat my flowers and vegetables in our garden. And they don’t even pretend to be afraid of humans. But seeing the mass of wriggly baby bunnies just melted my hard bunny-hating heart, and I’ve held off on chasing the rabbit out of my yard these last two weeks now.

I came back an hour later to get a picture, and though I could see piled up dead grass where the mama rabbit had been sitting, I didn’t see any babies, and mama rabbit was sitting a ways away. I thought she’d moved them, but Chris did some searching on the intertubes and found that the mother rabbits only visit their babies a couple times a day and that they don’t normally move them, even if the burrow has been discovered.

I kept watching for the rabbits for the next week and a half and saw no sign of babies. I figured the mama rabbit had abandoned the babies. But then last night as I was heading out, I saw mama rabbit sitting on the burrow nursing a baby. I tried to get a picture with my cell phone, but that didn’t work well. As the mama rabbit ran off, I saw clearly 4 much bigger babies. They’re now probably 4-5″ long, grey, furry, and really, really cute.

I tried to get some pictures this morning, but the burrow is dark, and the yard around it is very bright. I really amazed that the mama rabbit chose this spot, it’s right in the middle of our front yard, not hidden by any plants at all. And our front yard faces a pretty busy road. But she seems to have raised them well.

Our front yard (notice the lovely brown color of our lawn). The burrow is pretty much midway between the little tree in our yard and the right-hand flower basket on our fence.

Mama rabbit, sitting a safe distance away – in our flower garden by the front porch.

A glimpse of a baby bunny nose



  1. Kind of like how the camera adds ten pounds, youth adds 10 points of cuteness. Baby anythings are always cute.

  2. Oh wow, they are so cute! And I agree with you about the choice of location for the burrow. How strange that she would pick the front yard.


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