The Tragic Optimist

Missing my lost blog posts

After the server died, I re-created this blog by cutting and pasting from an RSS feed that only went back to Aug. 2006. Since I only started blogging in March 2006, and I hadn’t posted all that many times, I didn’t worry about missing some of the earlier posts. I knew I wanted my “I’ve got your answers right here” post, so I got that from a google cache. But as for any others, well I’d have to remember enough about them to find them on google and then add them. So I figured I’d wait and see if I thought of any that I wanted to save and pull them up on google then. I’m a bit of a procrastinator – you can see where this is going. Now all my posts are all gone from the google caches, and now I’m remembering a few that I wish I still had.

So here, then, is my attempt to re-create the few posts that I miss. They are mostly here to help me remember a little Your job here is to imagine that they were thoughtful and extremely well-written posts.

. . .

Getting to third base with myself, a lot (From early March, 2006)

In which I describe how I am constantly poking my breasts to reassure myself that I’m still pregnant. Then I worry that I will forget to not do this while at work and the students will be scandalized by the science librarian feeling herself up.

. . .

Best birthday ever (From June 16, 2006)

In which I announce that we saw the ultrasound. And not only is everything looking healthy, but we finally got a pronoun to use: she. It really was the best birthday.

. . .

How not to announce a pregnancy (From mid July-ish, 2006, I think – I had totally forgotten about this one until I saw that someone stumbled across my blog after searching for “how to announce a pregnancy”)

In which I relate the tale of being at Target and watching as a couple walk past. He is wearing one of those annoying cyborg-earpiece phones, talking to someone, she’s looking a bit embarrassed. He’s loudly telling the person on the phone that she’s pregnant, and no, they don’t know the due date, but they think she’s around 8 weeks. And I’m amazed that people can be that cavalier about announcing a pregnancy, not only to friends, but to the whole Target store. Target stores are bad enough if you’re dealing with fertility problems: everyone there is either pregnant or has kids, but then to have to hear someone making the announcement. Crazy. So if anyone else finds this when searching for ways to announce a pregnancy – not in Target, ok?

. . .

Grief in the midst of joy (From early August, 2006)

In which I mourn the loss of my kitty, Cilla. She was such a sweet cat, but had stopped eating and drinking and we couldn’t figure out why, which meant that we couldn’t fix her. Putting her to sleep was so hard, but it was the only thing we could do. I still miss her. She was not a good cat (we built a ramp to the bed because she couldn’t jump well), but she was a fantastic pet.

. . .

I’m sure I’ll think of more, I may add them as I remember them.



  1. I’m sure you have… but I thought I’d ask: have you tried the way back machine?

  2. Ann

    I did, but for some reason it only has things for shinypebble from before I started the blog.

  3. Ha! I remember all of those posts.

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