The Tragic Optimist

Photos in search of captions

I have a couple of good pictures of Zoe that are in desperate need of captions. . .

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

(Sarah, is this one of S’s outfits? I think it is. We got a ton of compliments on how cute it is)



  1. Yes it is. And just for fun comparing baby sizes – that’s the outfit she wore to her first day of daycare. ;^)

  2. Ann

    Wow. Yeah, Zoe’s not small anymore. The outfit is a little big on her, but not by much. Daycare wanted the kids dressed in red, white, and blue, and I was worried we didn’t have anything for her to wear when I remembered to check the bin o’ too big clothes. Clearly we need to go through the bin again.

  3. Well, to be fair her first day of daycare was when she was not too much younger than Zoe if we were going by adjusted age. (Does that make any sense? She was about 9 months adjusted when she started daycare.)

    Have fun with the bin! I look forward to seeing more familiar stuff. Too bad all the 12 month stuff we sent you was winter stuff, eh?

  4. Ann

    Oh, that makes more sense, for some reason, I thought she started daycare at 2. The 12 month stuff is still a little big, and cold weather comes early, so I’m sure we’ll use it.

  5. Your blog is back and I found it! Good to see. Zoe’s looking fabulous. Here are my suggested captions:

    1. How shall we fold the baby?
    2. Do I look like Meg Ryan yet?

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