The Tragic Optimist

More thoughts on pumping

My self-esteem seems to be very tightly tied to how much I can pump in a day. Zoe usually takes 12 ounces at daycare, and then we use another couple of ounces in the evening to make her cereal. So if I pump less than 14 ounces in my two pumping sessions at work, I feel like a slacker-loser but the last couple of days this week I pumped out a good 17 or 18 ounces each day.  I don’t know what led to the increase, but man does it make me feel good! I’ve been swaggering through the library like a bad-ass mother pumper. Oh yeah! Take that milk and put in your bottle! Whoo! When I got home and bragged about my accomplishments, Chris congratulated me on being a milk pumping machine. But then we realized that actually, it’s my pump that is the milk pumping machine.

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