The Tragic Optimist

Adventures in taking the 8 month photo

How did we get to 8 months? Really, I don’t understand where all the time went. 8 months?!?!!

8 month photo

what’s this next to me?

there seems to be something written here

need to get a better look

so that’s what a rock hammer looks like

I can has a rock hammer?




  1. “I can haz rockhammer?” You kill me.

    Also, for the record, S probably wore that outfit all of twice. So yay, cute baby dresses actually getting some play!

  2. Ann

    That’s funny – we love that dress! Zoe wears it all the time. The shoulder bows are a pain for carseats, though.
    And I figure that given how much Zoe loooves the cats, it’s likely that she’ll speak lolcat. (though apparently my lolcat spelling is off – oops).

  3. Gus

    Boy, Zoe just turned 8 months. Wow, time flies. Karl just turned three weeks. Unfortunately, I don’t have a rock hammer to take his pictures with. Maybe a score, or a horn mouthpiece or something…

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