The Tragic Optimist

Notes from Zoelandia

~ ~ ~

Zoe had her 6 month checkup this week. We didn’t see her regular pediatrician, but she was good for the guy that we saw. She’s growing (I could have told you that). She’s now 16 1/2 pounds and 26″ long. That’s 60th and 50th percentiles for those playing along at home. She still doesn’t like shots.

~ ~ ~

Solid foods that Zoe has eaten with her reactions:

  • rice cereal – yum!
  • banana – acceptable
  • applesauce – she remains skeptical
  • peaches – see applesauce

~ ~ ~

Lots of new babies recently. Our pediatrician just had a baby last month – that’s why we saw someone else at Zoe’s checkup. Good friends just had their daughter two weeks ago. One of the daycare ladies presumably had her baby yesterday or today. I know two other couples who are expecting in the next month or so. It’s gotten me thinking about newborns and those early weeks. I can honestly say that I don’t miss that time at all. Zoe wasn’t particularly difficult – no colic or anything – but she’s so much more fun now. I keep meaning to put together a post of baby things that I’ve found helpful and those that have been less helpful. Maybe I’ll get to it this weekend.


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