The Tragic Optimist

One Month

It’s hard to believe that Zoe is already one month old. One month ago, we were still a bit freaked out about the idea that, ready or not, we were going to be parents, and trying our best to get to know this new dictator in our lives. Heck, one year ago, I was trying to stay optimistic that we’d ever be parents, as we faced the idea that we’d be starting fertility treatments. But that’s all very much in the past, and we’re doing pretty well, if still a bit sleep deprived. Zoe is staying awake for longer stretches of time, which means more time for playing and reading and teaching her to make coffee.

Zoe’s one month portrait (rock hammer is 13″ for scale)


I’ve gotten a lot of comments (on the blog and through other channels) about my flowchart. I have to admit, I really enjoyed making it, I don’t know what that says about me. Making flowcharts like that (well, not exactly like that) was a bit part of my previous job, and one of the few things that I kind of miss. Now I’m contemplating flowcharting other parts of my life, except that there aren’t any other current processes that strike me as interesting or as funny as sticking my nose in my daughter’s mouth.


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