The Tragic Optimist

Does this make me a bad person?

This afternoon, I blew off my Science Museum volunteer shift and instead went to a MOFAS (Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrom) event. They had a fashion show, a non-alcoholic drink mixing contest, and door prizes (and yes, I know that by putting my name in for the door prizes, I have put us on all sorts of mailing lists, but it was going to happen some time anyway), and all the preggers got diaper bags filled with a variety of goodies and coupons. I was already feeling slightly guilty for skipping the Science Museum shift, but I just didn’t feel up to entertaining a bunch of kids this afternoon. Then there’s the fact that while I agree that FAS is a real problem – and an easily preventable one at that – I am not one of the militant absolutely no alcohol while pregnant women. For the most part, I have given up alcohol, but I let myself have a small sip of a drink when someone orders something particularly interesting, and I’ve twice had a half a glass of wine with dinner, so in all, I’ve had maybe 2 drinks in the past 7 months, but I still think the good folk at MOFAS wouldn’t approve.

Anyway, it was quite fun, the fashion show was cute – Pea in the Pod has nice maternity clothes that I can’t imagine spending money on since I’m down to only 6 weeks left. But were someone to give me a shopping spree there, I’d take them up on it. And I would definitely consider getting a friend a gift certificate there if she were pregnant. Plus they had really good cake and other pastries from a local bakery, and the mixed drink competition was fine. The four contenders were mostly ok, though I wasn’t a fan of the ginger lemonade concoction.

The door prizes were really nice. There were only one or two of them that I definitely didn’t want, and quite a few that I would have loved to have. I could tell whenever they called a name that it wouldn’t be me, because the cards for the drawings had an upper part that was detachable, and I took mine off, but apparently everyone else left there’s on. Plus, the woman who took my card folded it in half, so every time they pulled an unfolded, undetached card, I knew I hadn’t won. And then they were down to the final three grand prizes, a designer leather diaper bag in “raspberry”, a changing table, and a bumbleride stroller. Guess which one I won? The raspberry leather diaper bag – worth something like $250 – $400. (!?!) I can only laugh. I’m not really the fuschia leather type, but it is a good quality bag – I’m trying to decide if it might grow on me, or if I should try selling it. We already have 3 others. But none of those are fuschia.

So summarize, I skipped a volunteer shift, went to an event put on by an organization that probably disapproves of my views, won one of their top prizes, which I’m now contemplating selling. Hmm.


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