The Tragic Optimist

A post with too many parentheticals

I had another appointment today, this time with a midwife student. She was very good (I’ve liked every midwife I’ve seen at my clinic, and feel very fortunate in that regard) and was able to feel how the baby was positioned (feet down, head up). She felt around and finally found the head and commented that it’s hard to tell the head from the butt sometimes (heh there’s a joke there somewhere), but that you can tell the head because you can wiggle it back and forth. She says this as she’s got her hand over the kid’s head, demonstrating. I was like, hey, that’s my daughter’s head! And maybe she doesn’t like having her head wiggled all around. But then the midwife had me feel, and I have to admit, it was kind of fun wiggling her little head a bit and I keep trying to come up with excuses for finding here little head for a wiggle. Now I’m supposed to visualize the kid flipped around and do other things to encourage her to do some headstands. Except that visualizing her is still really strange – it was strange enough to have someone point out a body part (inside my body!) – but then to put all the parts together is just a little bit freaky. But I do think it’s got to be the cutest little head that I’ve never seen. It just needs to start heading down in the next few weeks.


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