The Tragic Optimist


Sorry to take so long with posting some pictures.

The new kitten, Tycho (he’s the grey one). He and Doza are getting along quite well now, but this was the first time we’d seen them curled up together.

And here’s my new haircut, except that it’s weeks old now. The picture was taken the day of the haircut, and it never looks as good as when you first get out of the salon, especially since I’m usually too lazy to try to dry it and style it a little. That was 4 or 5 weeks ago, too, so I’m a little bigger now, and my hair’s a bit longer.

We went to our childbirth class this weekend. We were in the “express” class, so it was only today and yesterday, rather than once a week for 6 weeks. It was a lot to absorb in a weekend, but I’m glad we did the express class, I think I would have felt like it was too long otherwise. I’m glad we took the class, it solidified a lot of my preferences for how I’d like the birth to go (understanding that such things may not be in my control) and answered a few questions. Both of the instructors were really good, and I thought they did a great job of outlining how things work and were reassuring, while still seeming very realistic. I reserve the right to change my mind on the realistic aspect of it after going through an actual birth, though.

There was the one slightly annoying moment when one of the instructors was talking about post partum sexuality and she mentioned perkily that you need to use birth control, because “some of us” are more fertile than others, and if she hadn’t been using birth control, she’d have been pregnant again 5 weeks after her second daughter was born. She was just so dang cheery and seemed so sure that we would all be in the same boat as her. I almost laughed (a bit bitterly) out loud. At my last appointment, the midwife brought up the same topic, but she did it in a much less obnoxious way, and it is something that I’d thought about quite a bit. Even before I was pregnant, I’d been wondering what I would do if we did have a kid. There’s all the stories you hear of couples having difficulty conceiving their first, and then being surprised by a second pregnancy because they didn’t think they’d need birth control. I have to admit, the idea of being surprised by a pregnancy is awfully tempting, and before being pregnant, I’d figured that I just wouldn’t go on birth control again and would just see how things went. But now, I just can’t imagine being pregnant while caring for a baby. And this has been a pretty easy pregnancy. I talked to the midwife a bit about our infertility and birth control and the fact that I’d rather not have kids really close in age. Her response was that I should assume that my body will go back to being fertile, and I should definitely choose some form of birth control. Then she kind of laughed and said that I could probably also assume that any birth control we use will be more effective for us than for other couples and we should quit a few months before we wanted to start trying. So assume everything has changed, and then assume everything has stayed the same. Sigh.


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